Is Your Will Up to Date?

Our goal is simple: More Wills for More People Today

Did you know that, according to Stats Canada, 72% of Canadian’s do not have a valid will? This is a shocking statistic considering the vital importance of having a will and the negative implications of not having one.

We want to do our part to help in ensuring all Canadians have a valid will. As part of this effort we have set up our Estate Stewards Will Challenge. The goal is simple; get 100 people to sign their names stating that they have a current will in place and assist those who don’t have a will in getting one. What constitutes a current will you might ask? In general a will can be considered current if it has been updated in the last four years and/or it reflects your current life circumstances.

Have you Risen to the Challenge?

If you have an up to date will sign your name below to encourage others to do the same

Don’t have your will? Don’t Delay, Let’s Get Started Today

$10 from every will we complete or update will be donated to Opportunity International. An organization working to empower entrepreneurs in the developing world. 

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